Shop Insurance

As specialist insurance brokers we provide a complete business and personal insurance solution in London offering a broad range of highly competitive general insurance products tailored to meet with your requirements for comprehensive and cost effective insurance protection.

What is shop insurance?

As with all businesses, the retailer or shopkeeper faces a number of risks on a daily basis. These include their legal liabilities and the possibility of damage or loss to the physical assets of the business.

The insurance industry has over many years developed shop insurance package policies that provide for a broad level of cover designed to meet the business insurance needs of most retailers and shop owners.

What is the cover under a shop insurance policy?

Whilst the exact details of the cover will vary from provider to provider and also be tailored to the needs of the individual policyholder there are core areas of cover that are common to most policies.

How much is shop insurance in London?

The price you pay for your London shop insurance is based on a few key risk factors, these include the levels of cover your require, the nature of your shop business, your experience in the business and whether you have previously had any claims.

How do I apply for shop insurance in London?

You can apply on-line using the form below, call us on 0207 250 4758.

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